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Good from Bad Water

Union members have been helping out Flint, Michigan, residents during its water crisis. Read the full article>>>

Exclusive Tribute to Labor through Chicagoland Speedway Sunday, September 20 Tickets are $59 (regularly $136) Order your tickets today.

Saturday, September 26
Registration:  11:30 am
Screening: Noon - 4pm

Rock County Central Labor Counciil
|1605 Center Ave
Janesville, WI  53546

Feel free to bring brown bag lunch

Cookout 5:30 pm

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 Thousands of working families have been coming to the Capitol to detail the impact of Right to Work legislation on their lives. Workers have been speaking up and making it clear to their elected officials that Right to Work will lower wages for all, decrease workplace safety, destroy long-standing training programs that give workers valuable skills and make it harder Wisconsin to feed their families, pay their bills, and have a shot at a decent life.

Last night, after hours of debate in the Senate, and with citizens watching and giving witness, the bill was passed, 17-15.

SOLIDARITY SATURDAY RALLY: Join working families at 12:00 p.m. noon on Saturday, February 28, at the State Street Side of the Capitol to continue to oppose Right to Work.

This week’s RTW fight back Schedule

MONDAY, March 2: TESTIFY MONDAY AT ASSEMBLY LABOR COMMITTEE ROOM 417 North. Register and testify against Right to Work at the Assembly Labor Committee meeting.

THURSDAY, March 5: It is virtually certain the bill will go to the full Assembly floor on Thursday, March 5. Be there.

Together, we will continue to work for a better Wisconsin. A Wisconsin where all workers have access to good family-supporting jobs and decent wages. A Wisconsin where the democratic process is respected and revered.

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With the recent passage many members are confused about what is in the bill and how it will effect them. You can view and download a factsheet to help understand many of the bill's provisions. (more)

JANESVILLE — Janesville’s teachers union is joining forces with the state AFL-CIO in hopes of increasing the political power of both groups.

The Janesville Education Association will be the fourth teachers union in the state to affiliate with the AFL-CIO, after Beloit, Kenosha and Madison, said JEA President Dave Parr. (read more)

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